May 16, 2023

Choosing a pump that is right for you

Every mother has stories to tell about their breast-pumping journey. Each has their own experiences influenced by their needs and the needs of their babies. Whatever you choose, you need to choose a breast pump that is right for YOU.

It is important to remember that every woman's breastfeeding needs and milk supply are different. Breast pumping can help provide milk if you are unable to breastfeed your baby directly and it can help maintain your milk supply. Some mums may choose a combination of both breastfeeding and breast pumping. This is because nursing stimulates the production of the hormones which triggers the release of milk, so breast pumping while breastfeeding may also be an option to consider.

Do what works for you!

For mums on the go, finding an invisible wearable breast pump that can be worn under any item of clothing allows for more convenient pumping. We suggest a wireless pump so nursing mothers can pump breast milk anytime anywhere. Choosing a portable electric breast pump may just be the option you are looking for.

Breast Pump Milk, Anytime, Anywhere!



Learning how to use a hands-free breast pump can take time as well as working out a routine that best suits you, your baby, and your lifestyle. Being patient with yourself (your breasts) and your breast pump will help you slowly establish a successful breast pumping routine.

Once you have chosen what you feel is the best breast pump, make sure you are prepared with the following close by before pumping:

  • A healthy drink or snack e.g., fresh, or dried fruit (bananas are the best to help maintain a good breast milk flow), smoothies or crackers and cheese
  • A muslin cloth or breast pad to soak up any drips
  • A bottle or milk storage bags are a great way to preserve and store your milk
  • A dedicated breast pumping bra which allows you to keep your hands free while holding the portable breast pump securely

Having these close at hand will ensure your breast pumping session is stress-free and efficient. Remember a calm mum equals a calm baby.


When breast pumping, it goes without saying that the most important aspect is hygiene. Sanitise your hands before and after each breast-pumping session. Make sure that all parts of the breast pump have been cleaned after each use and sterilised. Store the sanitised & dry breast pump after each use in a clear container, ready for your next session. 

We recommend using a hands-free breast pump that is made of BPA-free materials to ensure it is 100% safe for the baby. Our favourite hands-free electric breast pump is 100% BPA-free and features an anti-backflow feature that separates milk and air while preventing leakage and keeping the milk fresh, hygienic, and safe for the baby. The anti-backflow design and a seal system prevents the breast milk from being contaminated and avoid leakage. 

All parts of the Mini Bee wearable breast pump can be flexibly disassembled and cleaned thanks to its newly developed one-piece silicone shield that is easy to clean, sanitize, and assemble.


Our choice for the best smart breast pump has the largest LCD touch screen of all breast pumps. It features a memory button, three modes with nine levels, a timer, and a backlight for easy tracking and recording of pump sessions. It operates smartly and silently, so mum and baby can sleep soundly as it works.

You can choose three modes and nine levels to mimic the baby’s suction. This hands-free pump has 3 working modes, Sucking Mode/ Massage Mode/ Sucking + Massage Mixed Mode, and each mode has 9 adjustable suction levels. You can start slowly with the suction at the lowest setting and adjust as you feel comfortable.

The soft silicone breast shield design will not cause pain and maintain a good seal during usage. A wide-angle design, wrap and simulated wider breast range improves pumping efficiency - which is what mums need! This latest model includes an automatic deflation after shutdown. Effectively avoiding the pain that may be caused by the vacuum pressure after shutdown and removal.


Setting up a dedicated nursing station in your home or nursery will help you create a safe and calm space to breast pump. When mums are at ease, breast-pumping sessions tend to go a lot smoother.

Find out what works for you!

We suggest putting on some calming music, making sure your back and arms are supported or trying some deep breathing techniques. Dimming the light or putting a do not disturb sign up on the door can help ensure you have uninterrupted pumping. Making yourself comfortable means you can breast pump without distraction or discomfort. 

For mums on the go, find a private and comfortable setting to put you at ease while you breast pump. The Mini Bee hands-free breast pump has a small battery that makes the breast pump wearable for convenient pumping anytime, anywhere. This breast pump has a rechargeable lithium battery that works for two hours after charge so that you can pump sufficient milk for the baby before the subsequent charging. It contains no tubes or wires, making it suitable for wearing with different types of clothing to pump milk hands-free at home or on the go.  

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Here is what you get in the box:

  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Silicone Pad
  • 2 x Duckbill Valves
  • 1 x Silicone Diaphragm
  • 1 x Breast Shield
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

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