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Wigiwama's journey embarked from a heartfelt endeavor in the cozy confines of our founder's living room. It all began with a DIY teepee, painstakingly crafted for the joyous occasion of our daughter's first birthday. This teepee bore the mark of a talented local craftsman from our neighborhood, igniting the spark that now propels our thrilling adventure.

    82 products
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    Today's Wigiwama

    Today, Wigiwama proudly stands as an award-winning Latvian interior brand, distinguished by its playful and laid-back approach to crafting vibrant, snug, and clutter-free spaces for children. Our designs carry a Baltic twist on the elegance of Scandinavian minimalism.

    A Glimpse of "Wigi"

    Our distinct style, affectionately known as "Wigi," is a tribute to the allure found within authentic imperfection—an allure that nurtures the creativity and curiosity of the children who surround us.

    We redefine simplicity through our vivid, playful, and inquisitive designs, each intended to infuse a touch of contemporary beauty into your surroundings. Whether it's the heart of a child's room or the comfort of your living space, our versatile beanbags find their perfect spot.

    Unleash the Joy of Childhood

    At Wigiwama, our cozy creations are meticulously designed to allow children to be just that—children. We encourage them to embrace their playful spirits and let their imaginations roam free—an invaluable lesson that even us adults can benefit from!

    A Childhood Fully Lived

    Childhood is a fleeting and precious chapter of life. Wigiwama's offerings beckon our little ones to explore, dream, and weave their own enchanting tales. Our products help you fill their spaces with stories and memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

    As we venture forward, our dedication mirrors that of any devoted parent, persistently working to craft a range of cozy, comforting, and playful products. Our mission is to bring a touch of "Wigi" to homes far and wide, ensuring that the magic of childhood remains vibrantly alive.