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Imagination knows no bounds with FlapJackKids, a brand born from the vibrant minds of a creative mother and an endlessly playful grandmother. This unique brand takes its name from the heart of our Co-Founders – their beloved son and grandson, Jack. The essence of FlapJackKids lies in its collection of whimsical, reversible products that can be flipped as effortlessly as a pancake in a skillet.

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    As mothers themselves, Jackie and Shirley understood the significance of versatile headwear for children, catering to both chilly days and sun-soaked adventures. When young Jack turned his nose up at conventional hats, a spark of ingenuity was ignited. The concept of functional fashion merged seamlessly with fun, leading to the birth of a one-of-a-kind assortment of parent-approved toppers. Suddenly, hats were no longer just hats; they transformed Jack into a parrot riding the high seas, a lion prowling the savannah, or even a mischievous monkey swinging from vines – every day was a new escapade. At FlapJackKids, our mission encompasses enchanting both the young and the young at heart. We craft our products from premium, plush, and enduring fabrics, ensuring comfort and longevity. Our sunhats stand as guardians of childhood, offering UPF 50+ protection that acts as an impervious shield against 99.9% of the sun's rays, granting precious little ones a safe haven from its brilliance.

    In the year 2016, a momentous partnership with Bravo Group Ltd. was forged, propelling FlapJackKids to new heights. Now, our delightful creations grace the shelves of more than 2,500 stores worldwide, touching the lives of families across the globe. The evolution has been exhilarating, expanding our range to encompass an array of winter hats, mittens, brimmed sunhats, baby sunhats, and a tapestry of other enchanting offerings that promise both utility and joy.

    FlapJackKids invites you to journey with us through a world where imagination knows no bounds, where functionality intertwines seamlessly with playfulness, and where every product tells a story waiting to be embraced. Join our family of explorers and trailblazers as we continue to infuse wonder into the ordinary, and magic into the everyday.