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Explore our collection of soft playmats to find a mat that supports your baby's journey through playtime adventures and peaceful rest while complementing your home. 

As parents at Mini Bee, we understand the needs of both babies and parents. Our hand-selected collection of cushioned play mats caters to developing your baby's motor skills and sensory exploration while providing a secure place for those precious moments of discovery and play. 

Each play mat in our range, including our best-selling Monio for Kids Natural Linen Padded Nest Playmat, has been thoughtfully created to offer a breathable, soft surface that's gentle on your baby's skin. Padded play mats exemplify the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and style, making them indispensable to your baby's exploration journey.

    33 products
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    As our little ones grow, the spaces we create for them should evolve to encourage discovery and comfort. That's why our collection of soft play mats is made using quality materials synonymous with luxurious softness and resilience. They ensure they stand up to the rigours of daily adventures and provide a haven for rest. We are sure you will find your perfect padded rug, such as the cute Kangaroo and Baby Playmat by Love by Lily, for every tumble and giggle. 

    Mini Bee Soft Play Mats FAQ

    Why Choose Mini Bee's Soft Play Mats for Your Child?

    Our soft play mats are designed to provide a secure, comfortable base for your child's play and development. With features like high-quality foam, removable covers, and environmentally friendly materials, they're perfect for sensory play and motor skill development.

    Can I Customise My Play Mat?

    Absolutely! With personalisation options and a range of colours, you can create a play space that reflects your child's personality and your home's style. Consider adding a bag of balls to make a mini ball pit!

    Are These Play Mats Easy to Clean?

    Yes, maintenance is a breeze. Our play mats come with removable covers that are machine washable at 30 degrees, ensuring a clean play area for your little ones.

    How Do I Select the Right Size Play Mat?

    Consider the size of your play area and your child's activity level. Our range includes various sizes to fit every space, from snug corners to spacious playrooms.

    Is There a Play Mat Suitable for Outdoor Use?

    Yes, our Love by Lilly range of padded play mats is suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. They come with a convenient carrying bag to make transport a breeze, from play dates to picnics or a day out at the beach! 

    How Does Mini Bee Support Eco-Friendly Practices?

    We're committed to the environment. From 100% recycled shipping materials to sustainably sourced fabrics, we ensure our products are as kind to the planet as they are to your child.

    What Can I Expect With Delivery When I Order a Play Mat?

    Enjoy swift and reliable delivery with every purchase. For added convenience, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £39.99, ensuring your new play mat arrives ready for your child's next adventure.