Baby Ball Pit: Sensory Playtimes for Little Ones

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Dive into a world of beautiful colours and sensory delights with our baby ball pit collection. At Mini Bee, we craft each ball pit with the imagination and safety of your little ones in mind. Perfect for babies and toddlers alike, these ball pits are not just a play area but a nurturing space for development and fun. Among our cherished selections, is the 'MeowBaby Boucle White Round Ball Pit' which stands out for its contemporary design and soothing hues.

    32 products
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    Why Choose Mini Bee Ball Pits? 


    Our collection offers a variety of ball pits, each designed to spark joy and encourage exploration in your child. From developing gross motor skills to enhancing hand-eye coordination, these ball pits are more than just a playtime accessory; they're a tool for growth and learning. Choose from an array of colours, square or round, and a choice of sizes to find the perfect match for your child's personality and your home's style. The 'MeowBaby Powder Pink Square Cotton Ball Pit' is a delightful option, blending playful design with a gentle touch of colour. 


    Mini Bee Baby Ball Pits FAQs   

    What benefits do Mini Bee's Baby Ball Pits offer for my child? 

    Our baby ball pits provide a fun and engaging way for your child to develop motor skills, coordination, and social interaction, all within the comfort of a safe and sensory-stimulating environment. 

    Can I choose what colour balls come with my ball pit?  

    Absolutely, we offer an extensive colour range for you to choose from. We offer twenty-one colours, from bold and vibrant to classic and muted.  

    Can I select how many balls come with my ball pit? 

     Yes, you can select 200 or 250 balls for a 30cm ball pit or 200, 250 or 300 balls for our 40cm ball pits. You can select your colour choice too. Each colour set contains 50 balls. Our balls are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled after use.  

    Are there different designs and sizes available in the Baby Ball Pit range? 

    Yes, our range includes square or round and various sizes, in either 30 or 40 cm, ensuring you find the ideal ball pit to fit your space and cater to your child's needs, from compact designs for smaller rooms to larger pits for more expansive play. 

    How safe are the Baby Ball Pits for young children? 

    Safety is paramount in our design. Each ball pit is made with high-quality, child-safe materials, featuring soft foam bottoms and walls for secure and comfortable play. 

    Can I get a discount on my first Baby Ball Pit purchase? 

     Absolutely! Enjoy a 10% discount on your first order with us. It's our way of saying welcome to the Mini Bee family. 

    What are the cleaning and maintenance requirements for the ball pits? 

    Our ball pits are designed for easy maintenance. They come with removable, machine-washable covers, making it simple to keep the play area clean and hygienic. 

    How can a Mini Bee's Baby Ball Pit aid my child's development? 

    These ball pits are excellent for sensory play, assisting in developing gross motor skills, coordination, and even social skills as your child plays and interacts within a safe space. 

    Do you offer free delivery on the Baby Ball Pits? 

    Yes, we offer free delivery on all UK orders over £39.99, making bringing the joy of a ball pit into your home easier and more affordable. 

    How do I choose the right ball pit for my home and child?  

    Consider the size of the space where you'll place the ball pit and your child's age and preferences. Our range offers various options to suit different needs and tastes, ensuring you find the perfect fit.