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Bettys Home is the result of a combination of passion and dreams, as well as incredible determination to achieve a goal. Combined with love for sewing, creating handmade things and a dream of owning a family business. Bettys Home never would have thought that letter cushions would become their flagship product and would send them out to different parts of the world. After all, Bettys Home started with very simple designs.

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    Bettys Home is not just about letter cushions

    Each such cushion is a personalised gift for a child or an adult. The letters accompany you and your family sometimes even from the first moments of life. But Bettys Home is not only letters.

    Bettys Home also create velvet poufs and mattresses, cotton canopies, floor mats and more. You’ll find all sorts of decorative items, like garlands, stars and anchors, that make your homes even cosier.

    Bettys Home Philosophy

    We love colours that we associate with childlike joy and carefreeness.
    We try to reflect these qualities in what we do.
    We sew in Poland and work with local subcontractors.

    We appreciate beautiful things and good quality.
    We try to make our production sustainable. We do not have huge warehouses with stock. We sew on a regular basis, because we want to make sure that nothing goes to waste. That’s why sometimes, your orders take a little longer than anticipated.

    We are a big team that works together. Everyone can share their ideas.

    Behind our products are first of all people, not machines.