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About Me

Meet Raphael, the perfect companion for delightful adventures! This Reborn baby is always eager for a walk, snugly nestled in his beautiful sleeping bag. Your little one is bound to have endless fun and create countless cherished memories with Raphael by their side.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, every detail of Raphael is crafted to perfection. His arms and legs, made of soft vinyl, boast lifelike features such as redness, veins, and intricate nail details. His delightful vanilla scent adds an extra layer of charm to his already captivating presence.

Raphael's soft body is filled with pellets, providing stability and a realistic weight, making him feel incredibly lifelike. His mustard and white clothes, along with his cozy sleeping bag, are fashioned from high-quality fabrics, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Discover the joy of playtime with Raphael, where every adventure becomes a magical experience filled with warmth and love.


  • 40cm Reborn Doll
  • Dummy
  • Dummy Clip
  • Sleeping Bag
  • 2 x Nappies
  • Family Book
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Presentation Box


  • A process where detail makes all the difference: Reborn babies from Arias are very special dolls made entirely by hand. They are made mostly from a material called vinyl, which is introduced into a mould in the desired shape, in our case, the shape of a baby. Once the doll has been extracted, we paint it in layers, using a painstaking technique to give it the most realistic appearance possible.
  • Artisanal Reborn dolls painted by hand: Reborn dolls are painted by hand in several layers. We use a special paint as a base layer to determine the skin tone that we want to achieve. Once painted, this process is repeated with each of the doll’s other elements or layers (veins, redness, rosiness, texture, etc.), and we always allow for sufficient drying time between each different colour. This artisanal technique is what produces the spectacular results, producing dolls that look just like real-life babies.
  • Final realistic touches to create a unique Reborn doll: After this unique painting process, we heat the doll again so we can insert the eyes. Once this is done and the doll has cooled down again, we apply a special adhesive and stick on the eyelashes manually, taking great care as these are the most delicate elements. Once this step is complete, we add the final layer of paint, giving the Reborn baby its shiny lips, tear ducts and nails. Upon finishing this stage, we attach washers to the main structure of the baby, which is made of organic and environmentally friendly fabric, in order to provide movement to the limbs.
  • The weight is also very important: It is not just the finish of the Reborn baby that matters, but at Muñecas Arias we also believe that the weight is essential to provide the sensation that you are holding a real baby. That is why we add extra weight to the Reborn babies. How? We fill the doll with a small fabric bag containing silica sand. The weight is divided into two parts: 100 g inside the head and 500 g in the body, depending on the size of the doll. Once this last step is finished, the head is attached to the body and the doll is ready for its nappy and its outfit. Producing a Reborn baby at Arias is without a doubt a long painstaking process. But it is worth the effort, because we get to see the wonderful reactions of both children and adults when they pick up and look at one of our Reborn dolls, which is a very satisfying experience for us.


Arias, the renowned Spanish baby doll manufacturer, specializes in crafting an exquisite range of reborn dolls, newborn dolls, prams, buggies, and cots.
With a relentless commitment to quality and design, Arias offers an extensive selection of lifelike baby dolls, some with weighted bodies for a realistic feel. From crying and laughing dolls to breathing dolls, their creations cater to diverse preferences. Every Arias doll proudly bears the OEC seal, ensuring its authentic Spanish craftsmanship.
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